What can U do with UBot?

Automation makes life easier for you & your customer.

UBot Studio is compatible with 99.9% of websites. It will help you collect and analyze information, synchronize online accounts, upload and download data, and finish any other job that you might do in a web browser, on any website, with a 30-day refund guarantee.

  • Point. Click. Automate.

    Unlike other clunky, bloated automation suites, UBot Studio has a clean, simple, drag-and-drop interface that works with you, not against you.

  • Manage Data.

    UBot reads data from web pages or from your saved files, and it handles complex data manipulation with easy to work with lists and tables.

  • Extend and Sell.

    No other automation software lets you simply click the “Compile” button and create stand-alone bots that work on any computer – without limitations.

Ready to start saving time?

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Compile stand alone software

With a simple mouse click, your idea can become an independent piece of software that you can sell directly to customers and businesses.

Every Edition of UBot Studio lets you build real programs that run without having to buy anything extra. Sell them without paying any royalties. The power is in your hands to convince everyone you hired an expensive team of programmers.

Enjoy outstanding support

In survey after survey, our customers have cited our outstanding support and quick response as one of the real advantages of using UBot Studio.

We answer calls and emails ourselves, right from UBot Studio HQ. Our training videos, Wiki pages describing every command and feature with examples, forum, job board, and store are available right now for you to get started.

Start today

Most programming languages are difficult and take months, if not years, to master. And they can cost thousands of dollars, after you get all the pieces necessary to turn out professional apps.

UBot Studio is actually fun to use. It takes the complexity out of the process. There are no extra modules to buy or download, and thousands of our customers are proof that UBot Studio gets the job done and doesn’t require previous training in programming to do it.



$595 $295
  • The Latest Version of UBot Studio
  • 3 Months FREE Expert Support.
  • 3 Months FREE Updates.
  • 3 Months FREE Bot Bank Access.
  • Unlimited access to the UBot Network, our community-powered forum, job board, store, and training center.


Best Value


$795 595
  • All the Standard features, plus:
  • Control Flash and more with Advanced Image Recognition.
  • Use socket commands and SQL integration to speed up your automation.
  • Run unlimited browsers simultaneously with multithreading.
  • Code View lets you turn your scripts into text, for fast and easy editing.



$1295 $995
  • Standard & Pro features, plus:
  • Create self-extracting installation packages for your customers and clients.
  • Whitelabel your software by removing the UBot Studio brand.
  • Use styles and web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design unique interfaces.


What’s included? You get a lot more than just the app:

  • UBot Studio
  • Network access
  • 3 months support
  • Video training
  • Bot templates

Buy confidently with a 30 day money-back guarantee

If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, simply ask for a refund. Anything you’ve built is yours to keep, even if you return Ubot Studio!

What people are saying about UBot:

UBot Studio is one of the best kept secrets on the web. This software is amazing. It can do anything you want on the web. Period.

Mike Johnson, Tennessee, USA

Got about 4 launches involving UBot coming up. I sure am glad I bought it. It’s changed my life…Got me good JV partners, made me loads. And I’m not a programmer by definition.

Rob Maggs, Llandudno, United Kingdom

Ubot Studio is awesome, it really is a hidden gem. One of the only products I highly recommend.

Kieran Gill, United Kingdom
Watch how UBot Studio helps people make professional apps.
  • established 2009
  • customers in over 60 countries
  • over 100,000 bots created

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